About Skymaz

At Skymaz, artificial intelligence and big data aren’t just our jobs. They’re our passion. There’s nothing we love more than helping businesses sift through mountains of valuable data to make sense of what’s already at their disposal. We treat every client relationship as a new challenge to do our absolute best. Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on in the past to give you an idea of how our big data AI consulting services can help your business grow.

Our Values

At Skymaz, markets create ideas, rarely the other way around. We listen to what the leaders and insiders have to say and check if people in the market actually want more than currently exists. We research the competitive landscape in an attempt to figure out if gaps in the market provide a viable business opportunity that we can act upon. The principle applies to everything we do - we listen to understand the need, we research to find what already exists and what's missing, when we have a good plan - we act.